New bug makes Viper insanely overpowered, turns screen green

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 31, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A new glitch in Viper’s smoke covers your entire screen in Hulk green.

The poisonous agent Viper has some of the most destructive powers in the current patch. But this new bug makes her vulnerable to her own abilities and insanely overpowered at the same time. The agent’s smoke makes players blind due to a visual glitch that paints the map green.

Viper is equipped with deadly smoke that damages whoever comes into contact with it. One orb is enough to block an entire site throughout the round, making Viper unbelievably overpowered. However, in the current patch, it’s not only enemies falling prey to Viper’s tactics. The agent herself gets into the opponent’s firing line due to a weird glitch. But the unintended buff also grants her a massive advantage.

A Valorant player previously shared this bug on Icebox map, where Viper deployed her smoke and it went on and on. Many thought it was a one-time issue but it turns out more players have encountered the bug. Another player recently shared the same bug on Breeze where Sage was lost in a green abyss with zero vision.

The bug can be triggered randomly. As soon as the smoke is deployed, enemies start dealing in damage, forcing them to move out of the smoke’s radius. The damage stops but the vision doesn’t go back to normal, making them vulnerable to the enemy Viper. It only applies to players who are inside the smoke when it gets activated. This bug makes her little smoke into Viper’s ultimate that’s considered OP due to its vision blocking feature. Thus, for a price of 200 creds Poison Cloud, Viper can cash benefits of seven-point ultimate.

This bug can be game-breaking in ranked games. Viper on attack won’t have to utilize her molotov lineups to keep enemies at bay. Instead, her smoke would do the job better. While enemies don’t lose health in her toxic gas cloud, they lose long-range vision, which turns them into an easy target for enemy Viper.

The glitch has been verified by many players who lost rounds due to this. Previously, Riot Games buffer her ultimate by making her crosshair the center of Viper’s Pit. This seems like a similar situation but it’s certainly more critical. A hotfix will likely be delivered soon due to the severity of this bug.