Who is Newcastle in Apex Legends

New Apex Legends character Vantage seemingly leaked in-game

By Olivia Richman


Jul 24, 2022

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Respawn Entertainment may have accidentally leaked the next legend to join the Apex Legends roster, with Vantage seemingly in the chamber.

Newcastle may have just arrived but Apex Legends players are already buzzing about the next legend to join the battle royale, especially after Respawn Entertainment accidentally gave players an early glimpse at them. On July 23, one Apex player saw a preview in the client that showed a new Stories from the Outland episode called “Survive.” The description stated that players would “meet the new legend” in the short video.

According to the leak, the new legend will be joining the games in Apex Legends: Hunted, a new season dropping on August 9, 2022.

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Who is Vantage in Apex Legends?

From the preview, it looks like the next legend will be Vantage. She was initially leaked back in March along with eight other legends, including Newcastle. Vantage had all of her abilities leaked at the time, leaving fans to believe she was one of the upcoming legends. That seems to be the case now.

Based on the leak, Vantage will be a reconnaissance fighter that gathers information on the enemy team by staring down a long scope. She may also have some type of winged companion that allows her to teleport, making it even easier for her to gather information quickly.

Passive: Sniper Kit

Vantage gathers information by aiming down sights with a long-range scope or unarmed. Targeting an enemy this way will reveal the legend’s body shield rarity, the size of their squad, and how far away they are. Vantage can also survey beacons.

Tactical: Echo Launch

The winged companion is known as Echo and looks to be a bat-like creature. Echo can be ordered to fly around the map within a certain radius of Vantage.

Ultimate: Mark to Kill

A customized sniper rifle is used to shoot enemies. Enemies that are hit will be “marked,” allowing Vantage and her team to see the target on the map and do 15% more damage while they are marked. Damage from her rifle also doubles on successive shots you hit.

It’s possible that Vantage’s abilities and appearance could change. She hasn’t been officially announced by Respawn Entertainment yet, although there have been hints dropped over the past few months and leaks have traditionally been prescient within Apex Legends.

For now, players can jump into the Apex Legends Gaiden event. The anime-inspired event is running until August 2.


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