New 7.33 map features weird easter eggs, what do they mean?

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

7.33 came with a ton of cool changes, but it also brought some very strange easter eggs with no explanation from Valve.

The new 7.33 map is massive, but there’s even more to it than all the crazy new mechanics like Tormentors and wisdom runes. There are now four mysterious places on the map that provide interesting passive buffs along with potential glimpses into future events and heroes. If you’ve found yourself wondering about the Wishing Well and Mighty Mines that now dot the safe lanes, here’s what each 7.33 easter egg spot provides and what it could mean in the grander scope of things.

Safe lane easter eggs provide regen in 7.33

The easiest area to spot is the Wishing Well, which can be found near the tier-two tower in the radiant safe lane. This innocuous well actually has an origin, as it was the very first objective in the Siltbreaker game mode. However, its appearance was not mentioned at all in the official 7.33 patch notes. Being near it provides 1.5 mana regen, which is a nice consolation prize if you’re forced to farm in the hot tub.

7.33 wishing well easter eggs

The dire side gets a much more impactful buff from the Mighty Mines. This stone passage grants five health regeneration, which can make the difference when farming the three nearby camps early. The Mighty Mines themselves may be connected to the Underhollow event or the fan-favorite Aghanim’s Labyrinth, though neither entrance was shown in the events.

7.33 mine easter eggs

Skeleton and statues may be more than decorations

The Stalwart Statue is probably the least mysterious of the batch. The massive figure grants a two-armor bonus near radiant’s offlane tier one. Its appearance could be a reference to Mars’ Ash Legion or Legion Commander’s Bronze Legion of Stonehall, but some players think it closely resembles Pantheon from rival MOBA League of Legends.

7.33 statue easter eggs

The most intriguing spot in the four 7.33 easter eggs is definitely the giant skeleton near the dire offlane. This one doesn’t have a name yet, as it is currently bugged. However, it grants five bonus damage while standing near it. Dota 2 fans on social media have compared the bone structure and nearby orb to Elder Titan, though there are some notable differences in appearance. We can only guess what it means, but its detail and lack of name suggest it may be a spoiler for a future event or battle pass.

7.33 skeleton easter eggs


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