Is Neon better than Jett

Neon vs Jett, who’s the better duelist?

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

There’s a new agility agent in town, and Jett mains have a tough decision to make. Should they pick Neon or Jett? We might have an answer. 

Jett has remained an S-tier agent in Valorant since the game’s release in 2020. The duelist has dominated the charts with her irreplicable movement tactics. No other agent in Valorant could run as fast and fly as high as Jett. After months of player requests, Riot Games finally rolled out an agent that would give Jett a tough time. 

Neon is the latest Valorant duelist who can run fast and electrocute enemies with the tip of her fingers. But is she actually better than the wind-ranger Jett? 

Is Neon better than Jett? 

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Jett has the edge over Neon but both are powerful in the right hands.

Both the agents are currently the best, depending on playstyle. Jett allows vertical movement, which is comparatively tougher to tackle. Neon runs faster than any other agent and has a concussive power.

If you’re a player who struggles with complex tactics, Neon is likely the best pick for you. The latest agents’ learning curve isn’t as lofty as Jett’s, requiring crisp aim, quick fingers, and entry potential. Jett is hard to learn, but she’s worth the practice and effort. Neon may have a flashy outfit and an engaging backstory, but she’s not as viable as Jett. 

First off, Jett can quickly dash into four directions. The wind-ranger can escape risky situations after doing heavy damage to the enemies. Her smokes may not render damage, but they serve the same purpose as Neon’s powerful barrier. Her vertical movement capabilities add to her viability as it’s comparatively trickier to shoot an agent at off angles. 

Neon is fast, but she’s not invincible in her High Gear. Enemies can easily shoot her down while she’s speeding around. She doesn’t have smokes that can be equipped quickly to help her take cover. Neither can she throw movement tactics at enemies to escape the duels. However, her concusses allow her to have more impact. Unlike Jett, Neon must plan each movement and then execute it carefully. With the help of her barrier and concuss, the agent can break into sites. 

Both the duelist are useful in Episode 4, but their viability heavily depends on the player’s style. Still, Neon hasn’t knocked Jett off her number one spot as many had expected. The South Korean duelist is just as powerful as Neon, if not more.