Nemesis is leaving South Korea after two years of streaming

By Olivia Richman


Dec 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Former League of Legends pro Tim “Nemesis” Lipovsek is leaving South Korea after streaming from the country for two years.

Nemesis left pro play to join Gen.G as a streamer in January 2021, moving from Europe to South Korea for the full-time position. The content has been fire for League of Legends fans since South Korea notoriously has a much more difficult ranked ladder. Nemesis was also making content with his friend Nick “LS” De Cesare.

But after two years in South Korea, Nemesis has announced that he’s leaving the country.

Why is Nemesis leaving South Korea?

On December 23, Nemesis released a video about his future. After two years of streaming from South Korea, Nemesis said that he’s heading back to Europe. In the video, Nemesis showed his mostly-empty apartment, saying that it would be completely clear by tomorrow.

This was a tough decision for Nemesis, who said there were a lot of “pluses and minuses” when it came to staying and leaving. But in the end, Nemesis felt he needed an “environmental change.” The biggest reason Nemesis wanted to leave, however, was League of Legends.

Explained Nemesis: “I think the game is in a bit of a boring state for the past two years I would say. The best thing I can recall about the game is the durability patch, but that is not there anymore to some extent. Balance changes are super boring, the queue times are absurd, and the amount of griefing and trolling makes your whole day feel like a waste.”

Nemesis will return to South Korea when boot camps for Worlds 2023 take place. He also stated that he’s open to the possibility of being a pro player again.

But for now, Nemesis is fine being a full-time streamer. He just wants to do it from Europe at this time.

Fans have offered support to Nemesis during the move. Many have expressed excitement over watching him stream from Europe, although they will miss watching him solo queue in South Korean lobbies. But moving back to the EU means Nemesis may be able to collaborate and stream with top players from the region, which is an exciting change.


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