Myth frustrated with Fortnite’s lack of new content, communication

By Olivia Richman


Mar 10, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Team SoloMid’s Ali “Myth” Kabbani is back with another Fortnite rant. 

It doesn’t seem like Fortnite pro Myth is too excited with the way Fortnite is going or with how Epic handles updates and communication with their playerbase. On a podcast hosted by Mizkif, Myth decided to open up about all his frustrations with the popular battle royale. 

When someone asked if Myth liked playing the same game every day, he couldn’t hold back his emotions any longer. 

“When there’s zero content, no communicating… It can be super draining, super demotivating to keep going on and playing that game every single day. And then after that four month period of no content they drop Season 2,” Myth ranted. 

But he was just getting started. 

“They take five, six items and recycle them. And guess what? They just do stat changes! They just make them Mythic but it’s the same shit!” Myth said.

“So sometimes you just get a little crazy,” he said, slumping back in his chair. 

Myth’s entertaining and passionate rant sparked a lot of Fortnite players to air their own frustrations on Reddit. It appears that Myth is not alone in his disdain for how Epic handles competitive play. 

One fan said that the “first couple months for that game were magical.” He recalled people building temporary bases and people defending those bases to win. But then it turned into people “summing 1/1 shells around themselves any time they get sneezed on.” 

Other players were frustrated with the meta as well, noting how the builds have became “too complicated.”

“When everyone only knew how to put up a single wall and ramp and that was enough,” one player reminisced. 

This was far from the first time Myth has gone mental over Fortnite. 

“The Fortnite community is the saddest fucking lot. Stop thinking things are ever gonna change from us getting a new content update that you might hate every two weeks. This is our reality,” Myth said on Twitter regarding the addition of the air strike weapon just weeks before the Fortnite World Cup. 

He called the game “exhausting,” noting he felt worried every week that Epic would do something else to complicate the game for competitive players.