MrBeast Samsung partnership sparks controversy

By Olivia Richman


Oct 2, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” has found himself in some sponsorship controversy, but this time most of the streaming community is on his side.

Recently, MrBeast announced a partnership with Samsung and would start using the Galaxy S23 Ultra as his vlog camera on his main channel. This is nothing new in the streaming community, with content creators getting paid partnerships all the time. But this time, a news article had MrBeast clapping back at criticism.

MrBeast responds to partnership controversy

An article from The Verge was very critical of MrBeast partnering up with Samsung. The article started with the sentence: “Samsung’s new ploy to get kids off iPhones is a MrBeast sponsorship.”

Tech YouTuber Austin Evans was immediately thrown off by the title, calling the article’s tone “condescending.”

“There’s nothing wrong with Samsung sponsoring the most popular YouTuber in the world,” Evans wrote.

As the debate heated up, with people commenting that streamer sponsorships are more beneficial than editorial ads, MrBeast decided to make his own opinion known.

“That video will probably get 400,000,000 views,” MrBeast boasted. “The cost per impression for Samsung is arguably the best in the world.”

In response to MrBeast’s Twitter drama, a lot of people came out to condemn The Verge for being “biased” and claiming “traditional media” was maybe a bit salty about the direction of things.