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MrBeast announces his own YouTube data site Viewstats

By Olivia Richman


May 29, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Streamer extraordinaire James “MrBeast” Donaldson has launched a new project that will help YouTubers better understand their behind-the-scene stats.

After dabbling in reality shows and the food industry, MrBeast is now looking at online data. The YouTube giant is now planning to share his experience and data with the fans and aspiring YouTubers.

MrBeast announced yesterday on X that he will be launching a website called Viewstats. The purpose of Viewstats is to help YouTubers better see and understand their views, subscriptions, and other “advanced data” behind their channel or individual video.

“I believe knowledge is power, and I want to help creators of all sizes improve their YouTube performance,” MrBeast explained.

What is Viewstats for YouTube?

Viewstats is a straightforward site that shows YouTubers the stats behind their videos and channels.

A quick click on MrBeast shows views, subscribers, and even revenue earned in the past 28 days. You can also see the views for his short and long-form content as well as his most recent video. Clicking on the “Videos” shows even more views for even more videos. Clicking on an individual video shows some interesting stats like comments and views per hour.

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He added on X: “We also created a Chrome extension that will automatically show you cool data for whatever video you’re watching to the right of it.”

Users can also pay for Pro Tools that will show even more useful analytics and statistics. This will help you better compare videos to find “outliers” that aren’t performing up to par and let you understand why. You can also create video thumbnails and many other possibly useful tools.

Only time will tell if Viewstats is a site that YouTubers need or not. Some fans have stated how excited they are to utilize the site, while others have compared it to existing sites like SocialBlade.