More Valorant x League of Legends crossovers are coming

By Nicholas James


Jan 18, 2022

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It seems like more Valorant and League of Legends crossovers are coming following developer posts for both games.

Following acknowledgments of the similarities between new LoL champion Zeri and new Valorant Agent Neon, Riot has noted that this isn’t going to be a one-off affair. In posts detailing the development of both characters and the process of tandem design across two very different games, Riot Games discussed leaving the door open for more inter-game creations.

What Valorant and League of Legends crossovers are coming?

Riot has confirmed that Valorant and League of Legends will have crossovers coming in the future, in a variety of different ways.

It seems like Valorant characters might be coming to Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends’ auto battler sister game. In a developer post teasing the arrival of Arcane’s Silco to Teamfight Tactics, Riot introduced the possibility for characters from realms other than Runeterra to join the roster of characters.

The most logical implication of this is Riot’s only non-Runeterra game, Valorant. Valorant agents have a natural design synergy with Teamfight Tactics, which requires distinct characters with signature abilities. With abilities like Phoenix’s wall, Jett’s daggers, and Viper’s ultimate, there’s flashy and iconic choices for each agent that could translate well to TFT.

Characters in the vein of Neon and Zeri seem like a certainty. The first outing for collaborative character creation between both League of Legends and Valorant’s developers seems to have been a smash success, with considerable fan excitement surrounding the thematically-linked duo. Neon is a hyper-agile duelist in Valorant who brings a rapid sprint and electric disruption to a match, while Zeri is a marksman in League of Legends who uses a unique auto-attack mechanic.

So far Riot Games has been careful to not do a canonical crossover between the two, which would see Runeterra and Future Earth become a part of the same larger multiverse. Fans seem happy to enjoy both properties without getting them intertwined with another game’s world.

There are certainly League of Legends references in Valorant, with a Scuttle Shack restaurant on one of the maps showcasing League’s Scuttle Crab. Tangential references and tandem design appear to be as far Riot is willing to go. At least, that’s the case so far.


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