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Modern Warfare 2 launch bugs dampen spirits of PC players

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 28, 2022

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The Modern Warfare 2 launch is riddled with crashes and bugs for both PC and console players. 

Infinity Ward did a global rollout of Modern Warfare 2 on October 28, and players have run into multiple bugs since. Some were met with connectivity issues for trying to change regions, which isn’t precisely the dev’s fault. However, PC and console players have reported problems despite doing everything correctly. 

Day one of the Modern Warfare 2 release is reminiscent of Overwatch 2’s rocky launch, as players report game crashes on parties, failure to access the menu, and mandated cross-platform play. 

Modern Warfare 2 players on PC are crashing

Complaints of the game crashing started swirling soon after the launch of Modern Warfare 2. Console players didn’t experience any such issue besides the usual launch day traffic hiccups. However, PC players would get kicked out of their game soon after partying up, whereas some could barely make it to the main menu. 

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Infinity Ward quickly fixed the main menu bug, but the party-up crash still persists. The developer is currently working on finding a fix, but it’s surely been a letdown for players who were excited to try out the game right after the launch. 

Over on the Xbox side, players are struggling with in-game settings that won’t let them turn off crossplay. The same problem exists for PC players who are being forced to compete against mobile and console players, which isn’t always a pleasant experience for mouse users. Cross-platform has been CoD’s selling point for years, but many competitive players prefer to play with similar opponents. Infinity Ward is yet to address this significant bug. 

Besides the issues, many players are pleased with Modern Warfare 2 so far and are willing to overlook the problems as it’s only day one of the launch. The devs are quickly weeding out the bugs, so hopefully, day two will be free of any significant glitches. 


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