Modern Warfare 2 release date, early access, rewards, and more

Fariha Bhatti • October 22, 2022 6:45 am

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2022 early access campaign is in full swing, but those who didn’t preorder a copy must wait to enjoy the game.

Infinity Ward refreshes its Call of Duty franchise every year, and 2022 will be no different. Since the underwhelming launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard, fans have been eager to get a look at the Modern Warfare 2 campaign that looked promising. Early access has already been granted to some, but multiplayer will only become available on the official Modern Warfare 2 release date. 

Modern Warfare 2 2022 release date 

Modern Warfare 2

Those in the USA will be able to access the multiplayer a day ahead of the rest. Modern Warfare 2 releases on October 27 in Los Angeles and Texas and on October 28 at 12 PM EDT in New York. Here’s when Modern Warfare 2 releases in each region.

  • October 27: 9 PM PDT (Los Angeles)
  • October 28: 5 AM GMT (London)
  • October 28: 1 PM KST (Seoul)
  • October 28: 1 PM JST (Tokyo)

Modern Warfare 2 campaign will become globally playable from October 27, and that’s when early access holders can also check out the multiplayer. In addition, Infinity Ward will likely allow players to download the game hours before the launch, so players can instantly jump online without wasting time. However, a preloading option has not yet been confirmed. 

How to play Modern Warfare 2 campaign in early access

Eager players can try out the Modern Warfare 2 story mode before the official release. All you have to do is preorder digitally now and get the campaign early access experience ready to play.

Trying out the game early will allow serious players to familiarize themselves with the Modern Warfare 2 perk system changes and more. Unfortunately, multiplayer will be locked for now, but there are still tons to unpack in the new CoD campaign.

Another benefit of early access is the rewards Activision has put in place.

  • Calling Card: “Soap’s Determination”
  • Emblem: “What’s Done Is Done”
  • 30-Minute Double XP Token
  • 30-Minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Calling Card: “Chainlinked”
  • Base Operator: Chuy
  • 30-Minute Double XP Token
  • 30-Minute Double Weapon XP Token
  • Calling Card: “Gaz”
  • Base Operator: Nova
  • 1 Hour Double XP Token
  • 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token
  • Calling Card: “Shadow Company Ops”
  • Base Operator: Reyes
  • 1 Hour Double XP Token
  • 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token
  • Base Operator: Hutch

Players can unlock the bonus items before the official release and be all set to kick-start multiplayer with in-game items. 


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