Mithy joins 100 Thieves as coach for the 2022 LCS season

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100 Thieves will be powering up its coaching staff for the 2022 LCS season, as the team recently announced former professional support player Alfonso “Mithy” Rodríguez as a new addition to the coaching staff. 

Mithy will be joining the organization after coaching Cloud9 in 2021. He started the season as a strategic coach for the organization but was promoted to be the team’s head coach for the summer split. 

Mithy will be working together with 100 Thieves head coach Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu, who also has a long history on Cloud9. Reapered joined 100 Thieves in April and played a big part in champion selection and behind the scenes in 100 Thieves’ 2021 LCS Summer Split win. 

Mithy will be completing the 100 Thieves coaching trio, as the organization is also keeping former professional bot laner Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek who has acted as the team’s assistant coach for one year. Now that Mithy is joining, there will be two assistant coaches to help Reapered and potentially bring home another LCS trophy. 

The 2022 LCS season will bring a lot of changes to the different rosters, meaning that it’s impossible to predict how things will go. 100 Thieves will enter the split as the defending champions and will automatically be considered a contender. 

With the coaching power of Reapered, Mithy, and Freeze, there’s already a good amount of brain behind the players to succeed. The three have a good track record and could be what 100 Thieves’ roster needs to chase another trophy 

Mithy will be making his coaching debut with 100 Thieves when the LCS kicks off again in January. 

What is the 100 Thieves roster for 2022 LCS?

100 Thieves will be returning to Summoner’s Rift in 2022 with a lot of familiar faces from the 2021 squad, but with the potential of seeing some new blood. 

  • Top – Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho / Milan “Tenacity” Oleksij
  • Jungle – Can “Closer” Celik
  • Mid – Felix “Abbedagge” Braun
  • Bot – Ian “FBI” Huang
  • Support – Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun


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