Mineski wins again outside the DPC

By Neslyn Apduhan


Dec 14, 2018

Reading time: 2 min

Mineski found victory amid early season struggles as they won the AMD Dota 2 Pro Series in Australia.

Mineski has had a slow start in the new Dota Pro Circuit season. Despite failing to qualify to the season’s first DPC tournaments, Mineski have consistently found success at smaller tournaments not associated with the circuit, besting a mix of fellow big names and smaller teams looking to make their names anew.

A failed run in the Kuala Lumpur Major and DreamLeague Season 10 qualifiers led to attendance and victory at Red Bull Guardians. And it was the same story when Mineski failed to qualify in the Chongqing Major and Bucharest Minor, placing third in both qualifiers.

The grand final at AMD Dota 2 Pro Series saw a thrilling back-and-forth series between Mineski and Newbee’s newly formed team, Mr. Game Boy.

Newbee defeated MGB in the upper bracket final, but the Chinese side bounced back and eliminated OG in the loser’s final to secure a rematch versus Mineski.

The first game of the championship series heavily favored MGB as Luo “Ferrari_430” Feichi’s Leshrac dominated the game. He perfectly positioned his Split Earth abilities and negated damage through crafty use of a Eul’s Scepter.

The second game was slightly different as Mineski executed successful team fights and the team’s net worth remained very close. A successful smoke rotation from MGB paved the way to a clash that wiped out Mineski’s heroes and led to another Chinese victory.

With a two-game advantage in the series, MGB may have become too comfortable in the third game. Mineski stepped up their own game and took early objectives with a split-pushing Anti-Mage doing damage away from team fights, leading to a win.

Mineki’s momentum continued in the fourth game, which was lopsided and ended with Mineski holding a 33K gold advantage.

The fifth and deciding game in the series seemed to favor MGB initially, but the Chinese team couldn’t work their way onto Mineski’s high ground.

Although MGB has a 12-kill advantage, Mineski was able to turn the tables when MGB initiated a clash near Mineski’s shrine in hopes of then taking Roshan. The fight went in Mineski’s favor, and Kam “Moon” Boon Seng’s Tinker was soon unstoppable in his rotations around the map. MGB admitted defeat and tapped out of the tournament.

Mineski bagged $18,000 for winning the tournament. MGB and OG were rewarded $9,000 and $5,400, respectively.