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Millions of Anubis packages sell out in CSGO within 24 hours

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 27, 2023

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Players have purchased an insane amount of Anubis packages in CSGO as Counter-Strike 2 release date nears.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive market is thriving, and amid sky-rocketing sales, Valve has announced the Anubis collection package and players are hoarding the cases like there’s no tomorrow. In fresh news, millions of Anubis packages have sold out.

According to credible data miner and skin aficianado TDM_Heyzeus, players have purchased about 5.5 million Anubis packages in hopes of getting the flashy M4A4 | Eye of Horus. This means Valve has made at least $11 million in revenue from the brand-new map-themed collection.

Anubis collection has one covert item that all players are after. The fact that you can buy as many cases as you want has also added to the insane sales. Players are spamming the buy button in hopes of unlocking the Eye of Horus that, according to TDM_Heyzeus, has only 60 0.7 floats registered, and the chances of getting those valuable low floats are only 4%.

Eye of Horus

One of the exceptionally rare Covert skins in the Anubis Collection Package is the M4A4 | Eye of Horus, and the mathematical probability of obtaining a Covert skin from the collection is 1 in 3,906. These numbers are feeding players’ hunger to stack up cases leading to 5.5 million Anubis packages being sold so far. He further revealed that within approximately 24 hours, over 1.9 million Anubis Collection Packages had been opened. Each package priced at $1.99 amounts to a total revenue of roughly $4 million.

Popular CSGO streamer Ohnepixel alone has opened about 1,000 Anubis cases, so clearly, stacked players are hell-bent on claiming the holy grail that is the Eye of Horus, even if it costs them thousands of dollars.

So, Valve is clearly swimming in money. The reason why these packages are selling in heaps is also that it could potentially be the last collection of the sort in CSGO. These skins would likely cost a fortune when they get ported to Counter-Strike 2 in the Source 2 engine’s advanced tools.

Anubis isn’t your regular bundle. Instead, it’s unique because it can be bought multiple times on a single account. Anubis collection will allow players to aim for their favorite skins within the package as often as possible since it’s only $1.99.


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