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Shooting in Counter-Strike 2 will be easier, here’s why

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 6, 2023

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Counter-Strike 2 is removing all excuses for poor performance and whiffed shots as leaks scoop out hitbox changes for all player models. 

Aiming in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is no cakewalk, so it’s understandable if players find themselves struggling on some days. However, Valve is tweaking the skill ceiling in CS2 by making shooting comparatively easier. So far, leaks have discovered significant changes to hitboxes that’d aid players in landing headshots. 

According to Ansimist, CS2 will have larger head hitboxes, helping click heads with more precision. The rest of the player model will receive numerous hitbox tweaks, but changes will mainly be realized on the upper body. 

CS2 hitbox changes will help get more kills 

CS2 hitbox changes

Ansmist has discovered that hitboxes in CS2 will not be the same. Instead, there’s a disparity in the size of about 4-19% in all player models, especially in the head model. 

According to his data, the head surface area in CS2 has increased by 19.73. This should allow players to aim more efficiently and turn their damage into kills. With tickrate changes coupled with a larger hitbox, hopefully, the incidents of shots not connecting will reduce. 

But this is not all.

Valve has also added more detail to the hitbox shape for the rest of the body. In CSGO, arms and legs had rectangular hitboxes, which Valve has now changed to an oval shape. This means the odds of dying from a stray bullet are now less. Instead, enemies must carefully take a body shot to land a bullet on the capsule hitbox. 

These CS2 hitbox changes will significantly change gunplay. Old-timers would land more kills, and buggy sprays would no longer stand in the way of an easy shot. The newcomers may find it easy to adjust to shooting, which is incredible for the health and popularity of CS2. 


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