Mikyx joins Excel Esports as new starting support in the LEC

By Christian Vejvad


Jan 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The first big roster move after the 2022 LEC Spring Split start has dropped, with Excel Esports singing former G2 Esports support Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle. 

Mikyx will be replacing Henk “Advienne” Reijenga, who got to play five games this LEC split before getting replaced. Advienne joined Excel back in June 2021 and has since then been the team’s go-to support. What’s next for Advienne is still unknown, as the team is still looking for new opportunities for the young support player.

Mikyx joins Excel Esports after leaving G2

Stepping in for Advienne will be Mikyx, who played actively for G2 in over three years, achieving a trophy at the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational, four domestic LEC titles, and being considered one of the absolute best in his role. After failing to find a new team right away during the recent offseason, Mikyx has now found his new home and will look to use his experience to finally get Excel to the playoffs.

Since Excel joined the LEC in spring 2019, the team has failed to qualify for the playoffs despite being close several times. This has almost left a curse over the Excel organization, but now it seems like the team finally has the potential to make the cut. 

During the first two weeks of the LEC split, Excel has won two games and dropped three. This record puts them in a shared sixth place but could be improved over the next weeks with Mikyx coming in to lead the team to victory. The experienced support knows what it takes to win and could be the key that Excel has been looking for. 

Since joining the LEC, Excel has struggled to find suitable support for the long term. After having signed names such as Raymond “kaSing” Tsang, Tore “Tore Eilertsen, Petr “Denyk” Haramach, and Advienne in the support role, now seems like the time where stability needs to happen down in the bot lane. 

Mikyx will be playing alongside Patrik “Patrik” Jírú who is an experienced figure in the LEC scene and always known for his stable play. Paired up with Mikyx, Excel might just have a big threat in the bot lane that can gather some wins. 

Excel will have the first chance to prove this on Friday, January 28, where they face MAD Lions.  


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