Mercedes-Benz gives Faker a free car as part of T1 sponsorship

By Olivia Richman


May 7, 2023

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Being the most popular and respected esports player in the world definitely pays off. Just ask Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, who just got a brand new electric Mercedes-Benz.

T1 recently signed a sponsorship deal with the luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz. The iconic South Korean team will now feature the car’s logo on their jerseys at the Mid-Season Invitational and beyond (until 2025). But there are some interesting aspects of the sponsorship that are making headlines.

Faker gets free Mercedes-Benz

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Car sponsorships in esports are nothing new. In fact, Mercedes-Benz is also partnered with Riot Games, awarding 18-karat white-gold championship rings to the Edward Gaming roster after they won Worlds last year. The car company has also partnered with ESL, giving away luxury cars to tournament MVPs.

But now, partial T1 owner Faker is getting his very own electric Mercedes-Benz: the Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+ worth around $120,000 or more. Having the top esports pro in the world driving your car around is definitely a way to get your brand in front of gamers all over the world.

While this is the most shocking part of the sponsorship — with fans wondering if other T1 players will be allowed to drive the car — the deal also includes the two companies creating events and activities for fans. The details are still unknown, but T1’s CEO Joe Marsh, has expressed excitement for what’s to come.

He said: ““We expect the main sponsorship agreement between T1 and Mercedes Benz to bring synergy to the growth of the esports industry. We’ll provide esports fans with a variety of fun through diverse marketing.”

Fans should expect to see some funny marketing and social media campaigns, including Faker in his brand-new and free luxury car.


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