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McDonalds might run out of Pokemon cards as fans get old toys

By Olivia Richman


Aug 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Despite McDonalds’ attempts to limit the number of Happy Meals people can buy, it seems that the fast food chain is still running out of its latest Pokemon card promos.

Last year, Pokemon celebrated its 25th anniversary with a small collection of promo cards made available with Happy Meals at McDonalds. But due to the hype surrounding Pokemon cards at the time, scalpers started buying dozens of Happy Meals at a time while inflating the market value of those cards. This time around, McDonalds is limiting the amount of Happy Meals grown adults can purchase, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped some locations from running out of the McDonalds Pokemon cards.

Over the past few days, many Pokemon collectors have reported receiving their Pikachu-shaped Happy Meal box to find a Space Jam toy instead of a pack of cards. What’s even worse is that employees aren’t telling fans ahead of time that their meals contain last year’s Space Jam toys instead of Pokemon cards.


Pokemon fans getting duped at McDonalds with Space Jam toys

What’s even worse than missing out on the Pokemon cards is receiving an old Space Jam toy in its place. These toys are a promotion from last year for the 2021 Space Jam movie, which was poorly received by many viewers and critics alike. While some people have reported getting a toy from Thor: Love and Thunder, a more recent promotion, most poor Pokemon fans are getting old Space Jam toys that add insult to injury.

Some fans were so frustrated with the mixup that they took to social media to call the employees who secretly gave them Space Jam toys instead of Pokemon cards “scumbags.” Responses insinuated that the company itself probably ran out of Pokemon cards or was dealing with late shipments. Some exhausted locations may have Pokemon cards again in the near future, but it’s certainly not guaranteed.


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