Diddy Kong Mario Strikers

Mario Strikers: Battle League reveals next 2 free update characters

By Olivia Richman


Sep 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Mario Strikers: Battle League is getting two new characters added to the roster in Diddy Kong and Pauline.

The September Nintendo Direct brought big news to fans of Mario Strikers: Battle League, the high-energy soccer game on the Nintendo Switch. A second free update is coming later this month, adding Pauline and Diddy Kong.

The last update to Mario Strikers answered the community’s prayers by bringing back Daisy, the sarcastic tomboy from Mario Strikers: Super Charged. Now, two new characters are heading to the field. One is a classic while the other is comparatively new.

Pauline and Diddy Kong coming to Mario Strikers: Battle League

The first new character coming to the growing roster of Nintendo favorites is Pauline. Pauline was the lead female character in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, where she started off as a damsel in distress being held captive by Donkey Kong at the top of a construction site a la King Kong. She then became an actual character in her own right in Mario Odyssey.

Pauline is no damsel in distress in Mario Strikers. The sassy brunette athlete is said to be a “physical powerhouse.” She will be fast on the field with strong tackles, making her excellent at leading the charge.

Fans were excited at the idea of Pauline finally getting the attention she deserves. But they were equally ecstatic about the return of Diddy Kong. He was an unlockable character in the previous Mario Strikers, leaving fans curious about his whereabouts in Battle League.

Diddy Kong will be a “mid-field speedster” that’s all about technique and pass accuracy. You can expect to see him pulling off Hyper Strikes with ease. Check out the full Nintendo Direct on the official Nintendo YouTube channel.