Daisy Mario Strikers

Daisy is coming to Mario Strikers: Battle League in free update

By Olivia Richman


Jul 19, 2022

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Nintendo has listened. Daisy is coming to Mario Strikers: Battle League in a free update to the Nintendo Switch soccer game.

Mario Strikers fans were disappointed when the small 10-character roster in Battle League lacked Daisy, who appeared in previous Mario Strikers titles. At the time of the game’s launch, fans hoped that Daisy would arrive later in the game as DLC.

Nintendo confirmed the first free update for Mario Strikers: Battle League and Daisy is the highlight of the DLC. Daisy’s stats are revealed in the announcement, boasting above-average strength and passing, low speed and shooting, and strong technique. This means that Daisy will excel at scoring hyper strikes.

Daisy’s hyper strike has a cutesy flower image that spins opponents into the air if they are in the way, clearing the field for a goal worth two points. She is shown having her signature sporty and spunky personality, one of the biggest reasons fans of Mario Strikers wanted her in the new game.

What’s coming in the first Mario Strikers: Battle League free update?

Alongside Daisy, there are a few other things to look forward to when the update drops. Shy Guy is also joining the roster as an all-rounder with average stats. Players can pick certain gear to make Shy Guy fit into their team however they see fit. His hyper strike has him head butt the ball into a tornado-shaped whirlwind, knocking enemies out of the way.

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There is also new gear coming to Mario Strikers: Battle League, including Knight. This collection increases strength and shooting, making it harder to tackle players wearing this gear. The new Desert Ruin stadium is also part of the update, teleporting teams into a sandy arena.

When is the Mario Strikers: Battle League update coming?

The first Mario Strikers: Battle League update is coming July 21.

The game will receive two other free DLC packs in 2022, most likely also containing new characters, gear, and locations. Some Nintendo fans are frustrated that the DLC content wasn’t available when the game launched, especially when it comes to Daisy. Others, however, called the update a “W,” noting that they didn’t expect to get new content this soon after the game’s release.

The release does indicate a shift in approach by Nintendo. Though Nintendo has historically been stingy with DLC updates in the past, both Mario Strikers and Nintendo Switch Sports have been released with the promise of sizable free DLC updates.


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