Mangachu and Dafran face off on Torbjorn at Homestand Weekend

By Olivia Richman


Jul 9, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Even though the Toronto Defiant didn’t play in the Atlanta Homestand Weekend, newly signed Liam “Mangachu” Campbell expressed his excitement over the weekend’s festivities. That’s because the notorious Torbjorn main would be facing Atlanta Reign’s ex-DPS master Daniel “Dafran” Francesca in a Torbjorn 1v1. 

The Torbjorn Hammer 1v1 had the two Torb enthusiasts facing off to see who was the best hammer-weilding Scandinavian. While Torbjorn’s Overload ability was still available, rules stated that no turrets could be used. It was strictly a battle of the hammers, located on Castillo. 

It was revealed going into the duel that Mangachu keeps a list of players he’s eliminated with Torb’s hammer. 

“I’m just going to outplay him. As simple as that. I’m gonna get the first hit, and he’s dead,” Mangachu said before the match began. 

Dafran, a worthy opponent, used Torbjorn in his debut on the Blizzard Arena stage. It resulted in Dafran receiving both the Player of the Game title and Mangachu’s respect. 

Fans in the front row began to bow as Dafran walked onto the stage. 

“This will be easy, dude. He’s washed up, dude,” Dafran said of his opponent. 

After hours of analyzation, the broadcasters felt Mangachu had the advantage. But Dafran having the hometown fans on his side looked like it could a difference. 

Mangachu delivered on his promise, getting the first hit with the hammer. Dafran got the first elimination as the crowd erupted in cheers. But the Torbjorn match was first to seven, and it wasn’t even close to being over. 

Mangachu chased Dafran down in round two, easily scoring an elimination. This tied up the match. Then Mangachu pulled ahead with another kill in round three. 

Getting a little bit worried, Dafran started camping on high ground as Mangachu jumped up at him menacingly from below. Mangachu decided to rush up the stairs and got himself another elimination. 

Dafran scored a second point in the ffith round as the two duked it out while in Overload. Dafran then scored a third point, evening up the scoreboard, and Dafran’s former Atlanta Reign teammates danced around on stage behind Dafran in their excitement. 

Mangachu was eventually able to put himself at match point, needing only one more point to win the duel. Mangachu got a first hit in once more, but then ran away to the surprise of the crowd. When the two met up again, Dafran was able to get his fifth point. 

In the final round, Mangachu chased Dafran down as both Torbjorn’s danced around with little health. He was able to get the final blow on Dafran, scoring his seventh point and winning the most intense battle of the weekend.

With a final score of 7-5, Mangachu was crowned the best Torbjorn in the Overwatch League.