Mamoswine’s Pokemon Unite release date has been announced

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A new defender is coming to Pokemon Unite, with none other than Mamoswine entering the game this week.

Mamoswine will be the next new playable Pokemon following Blastoise who was released earlier this month after being playable during the beta. It was announced last month that Mamoswine is set to come to Pokemon Unite, but up until now, there has been no official release date. Fans of the mammoth Pokemon finally know when the next addition to the roster will arrive.

Mamoswine will arrive in Pokemon Unite on September 29.

Mamoswine starts out as Swinub up until level six, where it evolves into Piloswine. From there, a few more levels have to be gained before finally evolving into Mamoswine at level 10. Compared to other evolution lines in the game, evolving into its final form in level 10 is very late and will, therefore, make Mamoswine a Pokemon that needs to hit power spikes in the late game. 

Up until level 10, it will also be possible to get some work done with Mamoswine. By looking at its data mined move set, it’s clear that Mamoswine will have some solid moves to help level up as fast as possible. Moves such as Ice Fang or Icicle Crash will give Mamoswine the chance to build towards utility or direct AOE damage. 

Later down the road, Mamoswine will get Earthquake at level eight which seems to be a great move with lots of AOE damage. Mamoswine will also have plenty of AOE damage through its Unite Move, which lets Mamoswine stomp the ground and deal several instances of damage and launch enemies hit into the air on the last stomp. 

All in all, Mamoswine looks to be a great pick-up for players who like the beefy defender Pokemon. Just like Blastoise, there will also be ways to dish out a lot of damage with Mamoswine that will keep it from just being a meat shield. 

Mamoswine will be available in Pokemon Unite from Wednesday, September 29.