Sylveon, Mamoswine are ready but hidden in Pokemon Unite files

By Steven Rondina


Sep 23, 2021

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Pokemon Unite players already know that Sylveon and Mamoswine are set to arrive as the next playable Pokemon, but there wasn’t all that much clarity regarding how they’d play. Until now.

Pokemon Unite has arrived on mobile devices and a major update arrived alongside it. Included in that are hidden files related to Sylveon and Mamoswine. Dataminers dug into those hidden files and activated them, discovering fully realized builds of the two playable characters.

This offers a comprehensive look at what the two Pokemon will play like, as well as how they fit into Pokemon Unite as a whole. Gameplay videos of both Pokemon were released on YouTube.

There are a number of surprises included in the files that defy players’ expectations for the Pokemon.

Sylveon abilities, build for Pokemon Unite

Sylveon is set to be a ranged attacker with a modest focus on sustainability. The Pokemon has some similarities to Venusaur but also has some pursuit skills that make it a threat. Here are Sylveon’s Pokemon Unite abilities. As with most other two-stage Pokemon, players start off as Eevee and evolve into Sylveon at level four.

Here is the complete moveset for Sylveon:

  • Swift: Launches several stars at enemies in a line, similar to Venusaur’s Razor Leaf.
  • Baby Doll Eyes: Hits enemies with a powerful projectile attack.
  • Mystical Fire: Can upgrade from Swift at level four. Allows Sylveon to blink forward and surrounds it with four fiery orbs that rotate around and strike nearby enemies one by one.
  • Hyper Voice: Can upgrade from Swift at level four. Channeled ability that deals multiple instances of damage in a cone-shaped AOE in front of Sylveon. Sylveon can move while using, but AOE’s direction remains constant.
  • Draining Kiss: Can upgrades from Baby Doll Eyes at level six. Deals damage over time that heals Sylveon.
  • Calm Mind: Can upgrade from Baby Doll Eyes at level six. Creates a barrier around Sylveon.
  • Sylveon Unite Move: Sylveon stomps the ground, dealing AOE damage and gives Sylveon increased movement speed.

Though it wasn’t confirmed, Sylveon is likely to be a Sp. ATK-based Pokemon. Items like Choice Specs and Wise Glasses will likely help make Sylveon a particularly hard hitter, with Buddy Barrier likely a strong option to provide some extra bulk and support to teammates. As for battle items, Eject Button remains the go-to for everyone, and it’s unlikely that Sylveon will be any different.

Mamoswine abilities, best build in Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine will join as the second Pokemon designed to be a massive late-game threat, not becoming fully evolved until level 10. Swinub doesn’t evolve into Piloswine or get an upgraded move until level six. This likely means that Mamoswine will become an alternative to Garchomp in being a Pokemon designed to shine in the final minutes of a game.

Once Mamoswine is fully operational, the Pokemon looks to be an enormous threat. Each of its moves has some sort of CC function which should allow it to rough up anyone in a one-on-one situation. Its focus on AOE damage should also make it a big threat around Zapdos.

  • Tackle: Dashes forward, dealing damage to enemies hit in the path and bashing them.
  • Ice Shard: Throws three chunks of ice one after another, dealing damage in a circular AOE with each one.
  • Ice Fang: Upgrades from Ice Shard at level six. Reaches forward and pulls in an enemy before throwing them and freezing them in place.
  • Icicle Crash: Upgrades from Ice Shard at level six. Drops a series of icicles, dealing multiple instances of AOE damage.
  • High Horsepower: Upgrades from Tackle at level eight. Dashes forward in a straight line, dragging along all enemies hit.
  • Earthquake: Upgrades from Tackle at level eight. Jumps forward and stomps the ground, dealing damage in a large AOE around the point of impact.
  • Mamoswine Unite Move: Stomps the ground repeatedly in quick succession, dealing multiple instances of AOE damage. The final stomp launches enemies into the air for a short time.

Mamoswine’s build will likely be a matter of dealing as much damage as possible with its AOE moves in order to empty out the Zapdos pit and set up a game-winning final push. Buddy Barrier will likely be a solid option in high-level play, but there are multiple attack-focused options between Razor Claw, Float Stone, and Muscle Band that could all see some use.

For the battle item, it’s clearly best to use Eject Button. It’s great defensively in lane and it’s impactful to have the ability to offensively maneuver to set up big attacks.

Sylveon, Mamoswine release dates in Pokemon Unite

No release date has been confirmed for Sylveon or Mamoswine as of this writing, but the fact that both Pokemon are fully intact in the game’s files suggests that they should be made available in the very near future. Players will likely need to pay between 6,000 and 12,000 Aeos Coins in order to buy the license to use them.


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