Macaiyla shares reason for getting extensive jaw surgery

By Olivia Richman


Jan 6, 2023

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Controversial Twitch streamer Macaiyla has shared updates on her extensive jaw surgery.

Macaiyla has over 320K followers on Twitch. She may be Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp’s girlfriend, but she’s also popular for her own talent and likeable personality. Fans noticed when she took a break from the platform, but Macaiyla is sharing some updates on the surgery that kept her from broadcasting.

Earlier this week, Macaiyla tweeted about her jaw surgery to concerned fans.

Macaiyla shares surgery updates on Twitter

Macaiyla took to Twitter to tell fans she was “okay” after the surgery. She also took the opportunity to tell a few jokes about her new jaw, which had fans relieved that she was feeling well enough to make light of the situation.

Soon after, Macaiyla also shared a shocking image of her face after the surgery. When asked if it hurt, she answered “a lot.” Many people were shocked to see the photo, since they thought she was joking about getting jaw surgery.

Why did Macaiyla get jaw surgery?

Some fans were confused as to the reason Macaiyla got the jaw surgery. A little while later, Macaiyla cleared everything up and explained that it wasn’t an elective surgery.

According to Macaiyla, she’s had “bite issues” since middle school. After getting braces, expanders, and rubber bands, her bite improved but it was still not right. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get jaw surgery yet because it’s only available from 18 years old and onward.

“So I am doing it now because the recommended age to get it done by is between 18 and 25. I am turning 25 this year. I was always recommended the surgery and head gear, but just never got to it,” Macaiyla continued.

Macaiyla also told fans that she’d probably be “normal” again in a month. For now, fans will have to wait for an upcoming vlog on the jaw surgery. This should clear up more questions about her jaw, bite, and the process of the surgery.

Until then, Macaiyla will most likely be resting and taking a break from her streaming schedule.


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