Macaiyla banned

Macaiyla is banned on Twitch, and this might be why

By Olivia Richman


Jun 3, 2022

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The streaming community is trying to figure out why Macaiyla has been banned from Twitch, and fans may have figured out the reason why.

Macaiyla was suspended from Twitch, leaving her fans confused as to what led to the Twitch Partner to get in trouble this time around. Many have speculated as to why Macaiyla is banned, but the streamer nor Twitch have shared any public reason for the decision.

Some people reacted with glee when they heard the news that Macaiyla was suspended. This is partially due to an inside joke Macaiyla has with her audience, where they pretend to simultaneously dislike one another. But there are others who legitimately dislike some of Macaiyla’s recent behavior and believe that behavior could be the reason behind her ban.

Why was Macaiyla banned from Twitch?

The reason behind Macaiyla’s ban from Twitch is currently unconfirmed, but many in the streaming community have theories. A lot of people have commented that Macaiyla has been attempting to be generally “edgy” on both Twitter and Twitch in hopes of being “controversial.”

Macaiyla recently traveled to Korea and has been making some potentially offensive comments about the country and its citizens while streaming there. The popular personality was also under fire for questioning if Koreans eat dog, which didn’t sit right with many people who found her ongoing rants to be potentially racist.

Macaiyla has also faced backlash for some of her recent streams where she has shown questionable animal videos including animals fighting each other. One video showed someone someone throwing bread into an alligator-infested body of water to encourage animals to go into the water. Macaiyla allegedly showed the entire video of the animals falling for the trick, claiming the violent clips were “educational.”

It’s currently unclear what led to Macaiyla’s ban, but it’s possible that it’s related to her edgy Twitter comments or her violent animal videos.

How long is Macaiyla banned from Twitch?

It’s currently unclear how long Macaiyla will be banned from Twitch for. She was suspended from Twitch in 2019 for accidentally showing nudity, leading to a three-day ban. With very few issues since then, Macaiyla will most likely be back on the platform at some point in the near future depending no the reason for the suspension.

Who is Macaiyla?

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Macaiyla is a Twitch streamer who plays popular games like League of Legends and Valorant. She has a pretty large audience of over 225,000 followers on Twitch.

Macaiyla is also known for her relationship with Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, something she mentions in her Twitch bio, as well as her “edgy” statements on Twitter, one of which even led to her leaving Cloud9.


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