Ludwig shows how police damaged his house after swatting

By Olivia Richman


Sep 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

YouTuber Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren is no stranger to getting swatted but was left frustrated after Los Angeles police officers damaged his home during the latest swat attempt.

Last week, Ludwig had to abruptly end a chess tournament stream due to armed police officers arriving at his home. According to Ludwig, his address was given to police by a troll, resulting in officers searching his home with guns drawn. The officers could be seen on Ludwig’s stream checking out his gaming room before the broadcast was ended.

At the time, Ludwig said that he was “fine.” He has been swatted numerous times, but voiced annoyance with the LAPD for not contacting him before acting on the dangerous prank and barging in. According to Ludwig, he has given his phone number to the police in the past since his address is used in swatting attempts so often. Other streamers have discussed working with local police to avoid swatting incidents. Unfortunately, not only did his attempt to preempt the swatting fail but he also says the LAPD also wreaked havoc on his home.

Ludwig reveals damage to home after latest swatting

On August 29, Ludwig home was surrounded by SWAT police who later entered his home to make sure there weren’t any present threats. Ludwig discussed the situation on his latest episode of The Yard, revealing even more of what went down.

During the podcast, a clip was shown of the state of his home after the raid. A hole could be seen in his ceiling above the staircase, leaving insulation all over his floor. According to Ludwig, an officer was doing a search of the attic, panicked after seeing a possibly dangerous object in the space, and then “fell through the ceiling.”

Ludwig was sitting in the back of the police car when officers approached him with a form about the damages. While nobody was hurt during the swatting, Ludwig and other streamers are often still shaken up over having weapons drawn on them unexpectedly. Swatting can be very dangerous and some have even been killed when police are told of a false threat at someone’s residence.