LowTierGod banned from Twitch again, here is why

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 28, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

After being unbanned from Twitch after years of absence, Dalauan “LowTierGod” Sparrow has once again found himself banned from the platform.

LowTierGod has one of the strangest careers in streaming. Originally starting out as a fighting game streamer in the early days of Twitch, he gained notoriety and fame for his insane rants and rage. In 2023, his longtime ban was finally lifted, and he returned to the platform claiming to be reformed. This has been mostly true, but a slip-up involving a racial slur while describing his own face has resulted in LowTierGod once against being banned from Twitch.

The ban was revealed on April 28, 2023 when his official channel suddenly became inaccessible. LowTierGod later responded to the situation on Twitter, accepting the ban and clarifying that it is not permanent. He did not specify Twitch’s stated reason for the ban, but fans are already pretty sure they know why he’s now on a forced break.


Why was LowTierGod banned from Twitch?

LowTierGod was most likely banned on Twitch for using a racial slur to refer to his own facial features.

In a stream on April 23, 2023, Sparrow was asked to describe his appearance by chat. In the process of doing so, he claimed that he had “chinky eyes,” which he immediately pointed out was a racial slur. The use of racial epithets is banned on Twitch in the majority of cases, and his own reaction proves that he meant it in a potentially offensive way.

This is far from the only time that LowTierGod has been banned on the platform, but it marks the first time since his indefinite ban was officially lifted earlier this month. The former loudmouth has taken great care not to break Twitch’s terms of service, and staff had the right to reinstate his permanent ban after his incident. However, the fact that it is temporary means that the website is open to him reforming his behavior in the future.


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