LoL MMO lead Ghostcrawler leaves Riot Games

By Nicholas James


Mar 7, 2023

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The Executive Producer and Vice President of the untitled League of Legends MMO, Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, has left Riot Games.

Ghostcrawler is a long-term veteran of Riot Games, joining as the lead gameplay designer for the massive MOBA League of Legends in 2013 and shepherding the game through its astronomical growth. Ghostcrawler is credited as fostering a more open and communicative approach to developers’ relationships with the fanbase.

But after nine years of working for Riot Games, Ghostcrawler announced on Twitter that he would be stepping away from the studio and his role on the MMO.

Ghostcrawler leaves Riot Games and LoL MMO

On March 7, 2023, Ghostcrawler announced on Twitter that he would be stepping away from Riot Games and his role in the untitled LoL MMO.

He had moved to be the Vice President of IP & Entertainment at Riot, which is where he would see out the rest of his career with the studio. In the Twitter thread announcing his departure, Ghostcrawler said that it was a mix of personal and professional considerations that led to him leaving Riot behind.

After suffering losses in his personal life in 2022, the veteran developer said that he was prioritizing being closer to family.

Ghostcrawler’s success as a developer for both League of Legends and World of Warcraft was a key part of many fans’ faith in the upcoming LoL MMO. While this might worry some prospective players, Ghostcrawler went out of his way to praise the MMO team and express his confident in the product being developer by the members of his team that were staying with Riot.

Ghostcrawler has left an unmistakable impact on League of Legends and Riot Games’ portfolio in his near-decade with the company, and many fans will be sad to see him leave the untitled MMO.


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