LoL introduces Spirit Bonds, a new interactive experience

By Melany Moncada


Jul 24, 2020

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The Spirit Blossom festival has started in League of Legends, and it brings a new interactive experience for players.

Players are getting the opportunity to interact with their favorite champions like never before through Spirit Bonds. Many have compared the experience to a League of Legends dating simulator, but it seems to be much more than that.

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What are Spirit Bonds?

Spirit Bonds give players the chance to create a relationship with the spirits in League of Legends. This interactive experience allows players to choose between different potential dialogues and interactions. The champions available for bonding are Thresh, Yasuo, Kindred, Teemo, Ahri, Vayne, Riven, Lillia, and Cassiopea.

How to get started with the spirit bonds?

It’s as easy as clicking on a chosen champion and beginning the interaction. Once the first interaction is done, players will unlock a task that upon completion will improve the player’s bond with the champion. There are different tiers for these challenges ranging from D to S, and each new tier unlocked grants rewards.

Players don’t need to have the Spirit Blossom pass to start interacting with the champions. This is a completely free experience for everyone.

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How to improve the bond with the spirits?

Each champion requires something different. There are missions available for both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. For example, to make progress with Kindred, players need to kill epic monsters and play as Kindred. In TFT, players need to survive until they face the final duel with Kayn. Thresh requires players to get high crowd control scores in-game.

Players can talk to every spirit at once, but the best strategy might be to grind for a single champion at a time.

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All of the champions in the list are decent performers in solo queue, but some might prefer to play Nexus Blitz in order to hit their target goals. All game modes grant points towards advancing in the Spirit Blossom missions.

So far, the Spirit Blossom festival has already delivered one new champion, Lillia. This is in addition to a new skin line, and that still won’t be all. Riot will soon be releasing Yone, brother to Yasuo and the 150th champion in League of Legends.


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