Miss Delight Poppy Playtime

Who is Miss Delight in Poppy Playtime?

By Olivia Richman


Apr 27, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Debuting in Chapter 3: Deep Sleep, Miss Delight quickly became an interesting personality in Poppy Playtime. The anatomy teacher is a mascot created by Playtime Co. But why? Here’s all we know about Miss Delight in Poppy Playtime.

Who is Miss Delight?

With golden hair and a bowtie, Miss Delight seems cute at first. But you’ll quickly notice her torn clothing and off-putting facial features, including a wide, sinister grin and lifeless eyes.

Even worse, she carries a morning star called the “Barb” created with sharp pencils and a broken ruler. They appear to be covered in blood.

So why is Miss Delight so broken down like a ragged doll? It’s most likely due to her surviving The Hour of Joy.

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Miss Delight and The Hour of Joy

Miss Delight used to be a kind teacher with a welcoming voice. She would teach the children at Playcare, but she went crazy after The Hour of Joy, a violent massacre led by The Prototype. She created her makeshift weapon due to paranoia and resorted to cannibalism to survive.

This, unfortunately, led to a desire for more murder and blood. Miss Delight even started targeting innocent victims out of desperation. She remains intelligent, making her a scary threat. She has struck a deal with CapNap to avoid getting murdered, and the two will look out for each other to avoid The Prototype.

Miss Delight in Chapter 3: Deep Sleep

Miss Delight is first encountered by players through a PA system when you hear a pre-recorded message from her. You then see her for a quick second wandering the halls while you’re hiding under a desk. At this point, Miss Delight warns children to leave if they want to stay safe but gets mad when you defy her words of caution.

You see her enter the room with Barb, her signature weapon, which she uses to destroy the generator. The halls become horrifyingly dark and then she starts chasing you.

While she sprints after you, you can pull a lever to shut a door that ends up crushing her to death.