These are the best champions to play in LoL patch 10.15

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 23, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Riot Games made several substantial changes in patch 10.15 to shift the game’s meta. As a result, players are already asking who are currently the best champions to play.

The best champions are different depending on the elo. In low elo we usually see different champions succeed compared to high elo and professional play. For the purposes of this consideration, we will be looking at the stats from Platinum elo and above. 


Caitlyn received a buff in this patch, increasing her attack damage and movement speed base stats. The changes might seem small on paper, but they’ve helped her reach the next level in solo queue.

The buffs improve Caitlyn’s early game substantially, making her the lane bully that she was always meant to be. These laning phase buffs helps lessen the weakness of Caitlyn in the mid-game, since she is now able to get a bigger edge over her lane opponent. 

Caitlyn is currently sitting on a 52.85% win rate, which is the highest of all marksmen. She has a 23.6% pick rate while being banned in 10.8% of all games, making it clear that she is a contested pick and is firmly back in the meta. 


Bard has always been a fun champion to play, and now he is also one of the best picks for support players. Bard does an excellent job of setting up his team for success in team fights, which is important in a meta that revolves around winning big fights consistently.

Even though Bard isn’t the easiest champion to play, he is currently seeing a 53.29% win rate, being picked in 8.9% of all games. He is still not the safest pick for the bot lane, but he has the ability to carry games by himself if he’s played effectively.

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The frost archer is starting to see a lot of play in both solo queue and at the professional level. Ashe has become a great pick against hyper carries such as Aphelios because of her utility and effective range. Ashe provides a global engage, a consistent slow, and damage that shouldn’t be underestimated. She is one of the most stable marksmen in the current meta and is a safe pick for climbing the ladder. 

Riot didn’t touch Ashe in this patch, but that might have been a mistake. She is currently picked in 26.5% of all games, with an impressive 52.77% win rate. Ashe is the fourth most banned marksman, being blocked from 17.4% of all games. 


Karthus has shifted from being a classic mid lane champion to a prominent jungler, and it seems like this will be continuing. While Karthus didn’t receive any changes in this patch, he is still one of the most contested junglers in solo queue. Karthus is late-game insurance and is able to power-farm through the early stages of the game, better enabling him to carry late-game engagements. 

While Karthus is not a classic jungle champion, he sits on the third-highest win rate of all champions at 53.64%. The win rate might be enough to call Karthus overpowered, and he is also banned in 18.9% of games. This proves that he is not a champion people want to deal with.