Stellar Blade censorship

Stellar Blade censorship has gamers fuming

By Olivia Richman


Apr 27, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Stellar Blade has been making an impact on the PlayStation community thanks to the game’s combat, story, and sexy characters. But fans are reeling after the recent update, which came with some outfit censorship that coomers can’t get behind.

On April 21, Stellar Blade denied that there other countries would get a censored version of the game when it launched. But that seems to be false after the most recent update, which has changed some outfits to make them less revealing than the originals. Now players feel misled and are demanding to #FreeStellarBlade on X.

Outfits are now slightly altered but are extremely noticeable to anyone that was fantasizing about the Eve Defense Force doing more than just protecting earth. You can see the outfit below is missing some cleavage and gamers just can’t stand it.

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Stellar Blade responds to censorship outcry

With the trending hashtag and even a petition for the censorship to be reverted floating around, developers decided to respond to the outrage.

Game director Hyung-Tae Kim claimed that the Honey Rabbit outfit, pictured above, looked how it’s supposed to after the changes.

“Understandably we also recognize about the issue. However, the final costume that we wanted to show you is indeed the costume in version I want to clarify that is our final product,” Kim claimed. “However, I know this answer is not enough to convince our users. There is an internal discussion ongoing regarding this. So I think we’ll have a chance to answer it soon.”

This hints that developers could be considering further censorship or maybe reverting to the sexier outfits.

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How to play Stellar Blade uncensored

Afraid of not seeing extra skin while gaming? You can play with the more revealing outfits by simply not updating the game.

Patch is the patch that added outfit censorship on top of some issues and game changes. If you have a physical copy of Stellar Blade, you can avoid updating the game for now to keep playing with your boobs out in peace.

We will have to wait and see if developers decide to revert the changes or cover up the characters even more after seeing how pervy the gaming community has been.