Loda makes his music debut with a new Dota 2 anthem

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Dota 2 icon Jonathan “Loda” Berg is mostly known for carrying and coaching, but he has now added composing to that list with a debut in music.

After a week of hype and teasers, Alliance coach Loda has released a music video as a tribute to Dota 2. The folksy tune is littered with references to his favorite game. The Alliance CEO has released anything musical before, but the song could wind up getting a nod from Valve with an appearance in-game or even at The International.

Here’s the full music video and why it’s such a big deal for Dota 2 veterans.

Loda releases Dota 2 music video for new song Hero

The three-minute song comes with a music video that appears to be made entirely in Source Film Maker. It features animation by seasoned filmmaker dmurio and special art by Woogie. 

The video and song have Dota 2 references sprinkled throughout, with the intro based on the iconic starting horn. The video takes the perspective of a humble radiant lane creep as it battles heroes, towers, and even Roshan. 

There’s a chance that the song will become a new Dota 2 anthem. If it gets popular enough, Valve could invite Loda to perform it live at The International, a tournament he himself won in 2013. It’s not quite enough to form a music pack out of, but Loda’s future music career could be enough to officially join the game.

Newer Dota 2 players may not recognize the name, but Loda is one of the game’s most decorated players. He was the carry for Alliance during the team’s dominance in the early days of the game. The squad won The International 2013 in dramatic fashion, with game five of the grand finals often labeled the greatest game of Dota 2 ever played.

He currently remains the coach of Alliance, though the team has not performed up to historical standards the last few seasons.


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