Location and details of Pokemon Centers around the world

By Melany Moncada


Dec 28, 2022

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A Pokemon Center is a place where Pokemon rest and recover from battle. Pokemon Centers are a constant in all the games, but did you know you could go to a Pokemon Center in the real world? Here are the location and details of Pokemon Centers around the world.

Do not expect to find Nurse Joy at these locations. The Pokemon Center is a merch store with a Pokemon Card Station where people can learn how to play Pokemon TCG. At the Pokemon Centers, fans can find exclusive merch that is not available anywhere else. Each location has exclusive merch, so fans can rest assured that they will find something different wherever they go.

The first Pokemon Center opened in 1998 in Osaka, Japan. There are currently 17 active Pokemon Centers, including the original. Only one Pokemon Center is active outside of Japan.  

The active locations are:

  • Pokemon Center Osaka
  • Pokemon Center Nagoya
  • Pokemon Center Fukoka
  • Pokemon Center Yokohama
  • Pokemon Center Sapporo
  • Pokemon Center Tohoku
  • Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay
  • Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo
  • Pokemon Center Hiroshima
  • Pokemon Center Skytree Town
  • Pokemon Center Tokyo DX
  • Pokemon Center Singapore
  • Pokemon Center Osaka DX
  • Pokemon Center Shibuya
  • Pokemon Center Kanazawa
  • Pokemon Center Okinawa

Temporary Pokemon Center open from time to time, sometimes around an event, like the Pokemon Center at the World Championship. It was active for the duration of the event. Other temporary Pokemon Center opened in Paris and London.

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The Pokemon Center New York opened between 2001 and 2005, when it was permanently closed.

What are the best Pokemon Centers?

The best Pokemon Center, without a question, is Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo located in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City mall. It is considered one of the biggest stores in the world.

Pokemon Center Shibuya is one of the newest locations and is famous for the life-size Mewtwo inside the incubator.


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