LNG Esports’ bot lane died just 4 times in Worlds 2021 play-ins

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 10, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship play-in stage is over and it was with pure dominance from LNG Esports, especially in its bot lane. 

Even though the LPL’s fourth seed only got to play four games before qualifying directly to the main event, it was the LNG players who dominated many statistics despite the small and intense sample size of games. Over the course of these four games, the bot lane of Wang “Light” Guang-Yu and Liao “Iwandy” Ding-Yang only died a total of four times. The players had two deaths each throughout the games and were also the ones exiting the play-in stage with the highest KDA. 

The minimal deaths for the Chinese bot lane have helped boost other stats and also had a big impact on the games. With Iwandy topping the KDA chart with at a whopping 19.5, followed up by Light at 18, it’s clear that this is a deadly duo to look out for during the group stage.

In the four games the bot lane played so far, Light has played two games of Miss Fortune who has turned out to be a very strong meta pick. He also played towards comfort with Aphelios and Lucian and avoided dying in both those games. Despite playing very immobile champions, Light has only died in the game against Hanwha Life where he died two times. LNG still managed to win that game, with Light getting seven very important kills. 

For Iwandy, he has been very important to enable Light in team fights and keep him safe. Meanwhile, Iwandy has also kept himself safe and only died twice, with the one death coming against Hanwha Life and the other coming from PEACE. The most impressive part is that Iwandy has only played engage supports thus far, with two games on both Leona and Rakan. 

Usually, these are champions where the support player isn’t shy about taking a death for the team but that hasn’t been necessary for Iwandy. With controlled play and calculated engages, Iwandy has been able to get out of danger in almost every instance while still setting up his team. 

Even though these stats are only accumulated over four games, things look promising for LNG going into the group stage. The team is in great shape and will need that when facing off against the likes of MAD Lions, Gen.G, and Team Liquid. With LNG in top shape, group D is looking to possibly be the closest of them all this year. 

What is the LNG Esports roster at Worlds 2021?

The 2021 Worlds squad for LNG is the same that was used during the LPL season. This roster wasn’t expected to perform as well as it did in the highly competitive LPL but ended up stunning everyone with consistent play and discipline that made the team beat even the best teams. 

This is still showing at Worlds 2021, where it’s clear that LNG is a well-oiled machine that can play off of individuals but most importantly through team play. Only time will tell if the team can withstand the pressure against the best teams in the world.

The LNG Esports roster is: 

  • Top – Hu “Ale” Jia-Le
  • Jungle – Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong
  • Mid – Xie “icon” Tian-Yu
  • Bot – Wang “Light” Guang-Yu
  • Support – Liao “Iwandy” Ding-Yang

LNG will be back in action in the group stage, where it will play Gen.G in the first matchup on Monday, October 11. 


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