Legendary LCS star Bjergsen retires from esports after 11 years

By Melany Moncada


Apr 9, 2023

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LCS star Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg announced he is retiring from the competitive League of Legends.

After 11 years in the competitive scene, Bjergsen is retiring from the esports space. The mid laner announced his retirement through his personal YouTube channel.

Bjergsen first joined the scene in 2012 when he played for Western Wolves. In 2013, Bjergsen joined TSM, marking the beginning of a long and successful career in North America. During his eight years with TSM, Bjergsen had the opportunity to take on a coaching role in 2021.

Bjergsen would then go back to the rift in 2022 as part of Team Liquid. The mid laner played one final split with 100 Thieves.

Bjergsen is leaving League of Legends

In the video, the former pro player revealed his intentions to exit the esports scene, at least temporarily.

“I’ve made the decision not to immediately go into coaching, or streaming, or something adjacent to pro playing. I just want to take some time away with friends and family and see what my life is like when my identity and all my time is not tied in League of Legends. I don’t know if at some point I’m going to return to League of Legends or the esports industry,” Bjergsen said.

Bjergsen League of Legends

Bjergsen was the first EU LCS player ever to achieve a pentakill and is one of two players to get pentakills in Europe and North America. He was also the second EU LCS player to transfer to NA LCS and the first import ever to win an NA LCS title.

Bjergsen is retiring as one of the most popular and recognizable players in North America. Despite being Danish in origin, he became the face of the region seen is considered by many the best player NA has ever seen.

Retirement comes at a time of uncertainty for the region. TSM, the team that made Bjergsen famous, might be leaving the scene. CLG, on the other hand, has been acquired by NRG and will cease to exist as a brand soon. According to some rumors, at least three more teams are looking to sell their LCS slots ahead of the summer season.


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