LEC format and schedule changes explained

By Olivia Richman


Dec 6, 2023

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Some major format changes to the LEC are incoming and Riot Games has addressed the reason behind these updates.

On December 6, it was announced that the LEC was going to merge the group and playoff stages into a single bracket. The schedule will also be changed for the upcoming season to make it easier to view and better support teams.

Said Riot: “o better support the well-being of our teams and players, we’re extending the break between Winter and Spring Split, as well as the break between Spring Split and MSI, by one week each. On top of that, to keep the overall season schedule balanced, we’re reducing the break between the Summer Split and the LEC Season Finals by one week.”

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The LEC Commissioner, Artem Bykov, explained that these big changes took place in a massive roundtable discussion regarding fan concerns from the previous season. Bykov stated that feedback led the team to realize that there needed to be a better understanding of the LEC format to make it more accessible.

Meanwhile, the schedule adjustments are in hopes of allowing teams time to rest and practice more efficiently. A one-week extension in break time will occur between the Spring Split and the Mid-Season Invitational. The break between the Summer Split and LEC Season Finals will be reduced by a week, however.

Learn more about the upcoming structure changes for 2024 here.


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