Leaked Riot blog confirms agent 18 will be released two weeks after Act 3

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 28, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Riot Games has delayed the release of the new Valorant agent to ensure “clarity of gameplay.” 

Developers confirmed the news on Twitter, stating that the agent will be delayed for two weeks after the launch of Episode 3 Act III, which is one patch cycle. But many Valorant fans were already aware of the delay due to a leaked blog post.

Leaked blog post points to Deadeye delay in Valorant

Valorant ranks are about to get locked as Episode 3 Act 2 comes to an end. With new rank grinds, players were eager to get to know agent 18, rumored to be an Operator specialist dubbed “Deadeye.” However, the developer has now pushed the release two weeks. 

In a now-removed post on Riot’s Arabic website, Valorant character producer John Gosicki revealed that Deadeye would enter the protocol two weeks after Act 3. The developer has pushed the release for patch 3.10, set for 14 days after the act. The new act begins on November 2, which means Agent 18 should be available to play on November 16. 

While the official release has been delayed, the developer has promised to give more insight into the new agent on October 29. The first look will likely be revealed before Agent 18 is officially added to the roster. The blog was then been deleted from the website. 

His potential toolkit put together by leakers suggest that Agent 18 will turn the Valorant meta around. Unlike aggressive agents, Deadeye will have a significant impact on how the game is played. It seems that the developer is also cautious with the release to ensure game quality. 

The blog post is now back, outlining why Deadeye isn’t quite ready to be released.

Why is Deadeye’s release delayed?

According to John Gosicki, Agent 18 currently doesn’t live up to the quality players expect from Riot Games. Releasing him in his current state might impact gameplay clarity. Thus, the developer has delayed the release for two more weeks. 

Act 3 will begin without a new agent but will likely roll in with a new skin bundle, essential updates, and new in-game content. Players will have 14 more days to grind ranked in the old game meta before Agent 18 steps in to join Sage, Cypher, and Killjoy to elevate Valorant.

Riot drops more Deadeye teasers after delaying release

After taking down the original post, the developer added a new cover image featuring a wristwatch. Previous visual teasers included Radianite bullet mid-air, which likely means that Deadeye might have the power to meddle with time and slow down bullets.

No other agent in Valorant can toy with time, but developing mirror verse lore might explain Agent 18’s abilities to control time. Most recent media shared by Valorant’s official handles teases a Deadeye-themed tool that looks like a weapon skin. The developer will likely reveal more details about the new agent with new act before the official release with patch 3.10.

Leaks have already provided tons of information about the upcoming agent. The new character is expected to extend the Sentinel lineup, adding to the leadership roles in Valorant. Crystal eye and several Operator references hint that Deadeye might be a Sniper specialist with powers to gather intel and take down enemies from far.

As far as his appearance is considered, Riot Games has confirmed that Deadeye is a wealthy and sophisticated Frenchman.