Valorant Pride bundle

Leak reveals Valorant Pride bundle to support LGBTQA+ community

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Pride month is here, and Riot Games is gearing up to boost inclusivity in Valorant through the Pride bundle, according to leaks. 

Valorant has made a point of showing support for marginalized groups through in-game content. Last year, Riot Games rolled out unique cosmetics to celebrate Pride month. The developer’s initiative gathered a lot of support from the game’s community, prompting Riot to continue the trend this year. Valorant players will be able to cop limited edition cosmetics to stack up their inventory with new and fun colors. 

Credible leaker ValorLeaks has revealed an exciting image featuring gun buddies and cards celebrating Pride month. According to the leaker, the Valorant Pride bundle will be released as a part of the Riot Pride Celebration. 

How to get the Valorant Pride bundle? 

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The cards will either be added for free, or players may have to use codes on Riot’s official website to redeem the Pride bundle. 

The exact details on how to obtain the Pride bundle are currently unknown. However, the developer dropped codes for the unique cards on Valorant’s social media accounts last year for players to claim. These codes can be redeemed on Riot’s official page. The bundle is likely worth more this year due to the addition of gun buddies, so players might have to go an extra mile if they want the new bundle in their Valorant inventories. 

Riot earlier introduced Valorant Game Changers to provide an official platform for women and other marginalized genders in esports to showcase their skills and compete internationally. The project showcased many talented players who are now enjoying the limelight in the professional scene. 

The cards are on the same beat, showing support for the LGBTQA+ community. The new Pride bundle speaks to greater inclusivity in Valorant. Players can grab these cosmetics and display the tiny charms on their weapons throughout the month. Those who missed out on last year’s Pride cards can also buy the previous cosmetics. 

The community at large has been widely supportive of this initiative, but a small portion of players seem to consider it unnecessary and irrelevant to the game. These players believe that Riot should avoid including sexuality in the game, and others think it might actually negatively impact those who display the badge should they become a target of harassment. Valorant already has a toxicity problem, and these badges could place a target on those displaying them.