Leak reveals all Valorant Episode 2, Act 3 battle pass rewards

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 1, 2021

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Valorant Episode 3, Act 2 is on the horizon, and it’ll bring a brand new map and exciting in-game cosmetics that can be unlocked through the battle pass. 

Riot Games has gone all out, adding a battle pass loaded with exciting weapon skins, gun buddies, and player cards inspired by popular memes. Valorant Episode 3, Act 2’s battle pass will allow players to unlock skins for Odin, Operator, Phantom for the first time. 

The battle pass will include skins for almost all weapons in different themes and coats. The colors are low-key, and ideal for players who are a fan of lighter bundles like Infantry. Act 2 battle pass has skins in Artisan, Nitro, and Varnish themes. 

“Artisan and Varnish should feel like they’re made of luxury high-end materials, while Nitro is very graphic and flashy,” Sean Marino, the Art Lead for Valorant said. 

However, it’s not the weapon skins that are attracting the most attention.

Next Valorant battle pass bringing Artisan skin line

The Artisan line has a porcelain texture with a slight sheen to it. Players can grind through the battle pass to unlock Artisan skins for Ghost, Phantom, Marshal, and Bucky, as well as a new rapier-like melee. This particular skin line comes with three variants including blue, red, and default green.

Prime skins reimagined with Nitro line

Nitro is a toned-down version of Prime Vandal’s yellow variant that falls into the higher cosmetic category in Valorant. Fans of brighter colors might want to grab the battle pass to unlock skins for the Operator, Vandal, Guardian and Odin. 

Varnish skins coming in Valorant Episode 3, Act 2

This set is the most minimalistic one out of the three. The weapons have an almost wooden look to them, with upholstered handles and handguards. Players can unlock skins for Sheriff, Judge, Stinger, and Bulldog.

Gunbuddies and player cards in Episode 3, Act 2

The new battle pass will have as many as 10 gun buddies for players to earn. The tiny charms are inspired by Valorant maps, community jokes, and skin lines. This battle pass has something for everyone, from a decent and sleek porcelain tea kettle to a Dogecoin-inspired gun buddy.

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All the cards in Act 2 battle pass:

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While player cards are undoubtedly worth collecting for the visuals, they are also lore-heavy. The Versus // Phoenix + Phoenix card ties back to the cinematic from a few months ago, and it’s something Riot has hinted at in a previous battle pass through the Broken Mirrors card.

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Episode 3 Act 2 sprays are all about memes

Riot Games has previously added tons of meme references to battle passes and maps, but this time the developer has taken things up a notch by adding a “not impressed” meme as a spray. 

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“There are a few sprays and cards inspired by community jokes or memes, but I’ll let the community guess which ones those are,” senior producer Preeti Khanolkar said.

All the sprays in Act 2 battle pass:

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A revive me spray has also been added, which is a popular community joke. Players might also be able to find hints about the upcoming agent in the cards and sprays, as this battle pass brings a new twist to Valorant lore and doubles down on the mirror agents concept.