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League of Legends Season 13 ranked changes explained

By Nicholas James


Dec 8, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Big changes are coming to League of Legends in Season 13 ranked; here’s everything you need to know.

Fans are used to League of Legends having one single ranked split, with recent seasons introducing the idea of ranked splits. Now there will be two ranked resets in Season 2023, with Split 1 beginning as usual in January. Split 2, along with the second rank reset, is happening some time in the middle of the year. Riot Games says there are several reasons for the Season 13 ranked changes, mainly focusing on player behavior.

Riot reveals Season 13 ranked changes

Riot Auberaun, a Product Lead at Riot Games, broke down exactly why Riot Games introduced two rank resets as a part of Season 13. The main reason is that many players simply reach their goal rank partway through the year and see no more reason to continue jamming ranked games when they’ve already made their goal. Riot Games wants to keep the motivation to chase a ranked goal consistent, allowing players to still have that goal after the ranked reset halfway through the year. However, realizing that this might discourage some players who get Gold early to claim a Victorious skin, Riot Games is going to change how ranked reward skins work.

Ranked rewards are also getting a major change, with season-end Victorious skins being made available to players below Gold. Until now, these skins have been exclusively for players who reached Gold rank or above, but that’s changing. Now, Silver, Bronze, and Iron players who play hundreds upon hundreds of games will also be able to claim the skin. It will just take a large number of games. If you reach Gold at any point in the season, it’s still yours, but now players who love League of Legends and can’t make that ranked milestone can still enjoy the beautiful Victorious skins at the end of the year.


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