League of Legends Pride event rewards for 2023

By Nicholas James


May 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Pride Month is nearly here, and League of Legends is rolling out the rainbow carpet once more for its annual Pride event.

Riot Games has outlined the cosmetics and additions that will be added to League of Legends for Pride 2023. This is an annual tradition for the developer, and Season 13 will be no exception. The event was announced with splash art depicting some of the game’s canonically LGBTQ+ characters, and more details have been fleshed out by the League of Legends developer since then.

These are all the features you can expect from the League of Legends Pride event for 2023.

League of Legends Pride event

The League of Legends Pride 2023 event will begin on June 1, 2023, the same day as Patch 13.11. This is perfect timing, as it’s also the first day of Pride Month.

The first thing revealed for the event was a Pride 2023 splash art which included seven of the game’s canonically LGBTQ+ characters. These were couples Diana and Leona, Vi and Caitlyn, Graves and Twisted Fate, as well as K’Sante and Neeko. This didn’t include every character who’s been confirmed as LGBTQ+, with characters like Sett and Aphelios not appearing despite their Spirit Blossom skins confirming a relationship, at least in the Spirit Blossom universe. This will be usable as a profile backdrop for players to attach to their Summoner profile.

Also previewed are the return of the Pengu Pride profiles and the likely return of the rainbow Homeguard animation for those using the Pride profile picture. In previous years, Pride merch has been available from the in-game shop for one Blue Essence apiece, essentially free. There have been no other official announcements surrounding Pride, so it seems like Riot is keeping with its previous rewards and cosmetics system for the Pride Month event.

All the rewards and cosmetics will be available on the day it launches, so fans can start repping their favorite Pride flag as soon as Pride Month starts. The Pride Pengu profile pictures don’t go away after the event either and can be used by players that purchase them while they are available.


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