League of Legends Mystery Champion guide

By Nicholas James


Jan 23, 2023

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League of Legends has kicked off its 13th official season, adding the Mystery Champion quest for players to complete, here are all of the LoL Mystery Champions. 

League of Legends is often looking for new ways to engage players and keep them loading back into Summoner’s Rift or the Howling Abyss. The latest of these is a recurring event in which players have their knowledge of League of Legends characters tested in order to complete a variety of quests for free rewards. The League of Legends Mystery Champion quests reward a player for playing with, or as, certain champions

League of Legends Mystery Champions

The League of Legends Mystery Champion quests are pretty simple, a champion quote is given in the quest prompt and players are rewarded for playing in games with that champion. Each week’s next champion is quite easy to identify if you’re paying careful attention, as the reward for each week is the Mystery Champion for the next week. Here are the answers to each of the League of Legends Mystery Champion quests and a little bit of information about the champion for players who are trying them for the first time. These are the voice lines that appear in the Season 2023 start trailer “Brink of Infinity.”

January 11 Mystery Champion: Xerath

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The first quest would be the most difficult, as there wasn’t a previous quest that had given a shard. The quote for the January 11th quest was “I stand on the brink of infinity”. The champion who says “I stand on the brink of infinity” is Xerath. 

Xerath is one of the longest-range mages in all of League of Legends. He has no mobility and instead relies on player skill and sheer distance to keep himself safe. Xerath is a poke mage who excels at wearing enemies down before dumping damage on them for the kill.

The reward for this quest is a Yasuo Champion Shard and a Season 2023 Kickoff Icon.

 January 12: Yasuo

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The second quest’s voice line prompt was “Yet I do not fear the darkness.” This is a voice line belonging to Yasuo, so all you need to do to complete this quest is play a game as, or with, Yasuo. 

Yasuo is a highly mobile slayer with special critical strike scaling. He gets twice the normal critical strike chance from items, turning him into a tank-shredding, carry one-shotting monster. Yasuo is a high skill cap, highly mobile champion who specializes and highlight reel performances.

The reward for this quest is a Zed shard and 1500 blue essence. 

January 13: Zed

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The third quest for the LoL Mystery Champion quests came with the prompt “What lies beyond the shrouded path?” The champion who has the voice line is Zed. Play a game as, or with, Zed to claim this quest. 

Zed is a difficult assassin whose kit revolves him creating shadow clones. Zed can use these clones to throw abilities, teleport himself, and juke enemies. Zed is another high skill cap champion known for some of League’s most wildly impressive clips.

The reward for this mission is a Sejuani shard, 1500 blue essence, and the Precision Icon.

January 14: Sejuani

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The fourth mission came with the voice line prompt “Trusting nothing but my strength”. This voice line belongs to Sejuani, so play a game as, or with, Sejuani in order to claim this mission.

Sejuani is a tank jungle who specializes in crowd-controlling key targets, peeling her team, and engaging fights. What Sejuani lacks in damage, she makes up for in buckets of crowd control and near-unparalleled ability to lock down specific champions. 

The reward for this mission is a Pantheon shard and a Domination icon. 

January 15: Pantheon

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The prompt for the fifth step of the LoL Mystery champion quest came with the prompt “I have found my limit a thousand times and still I press further.” The champion who delivers this inspiring line is Pantheon, often credited as one of League of Legends’ best pieces of voiceover. 

Pantheon is an aggressive top lane fighter who can also serve as a support. Pantheon brings tons of damage, and single-target lockdown. He has a global ultimate that allows him to roam across the map quickly in order to tank enemies.

The reward for this fifth iteration of the quest is a Wukong shard and the Sorcery Icon.

January 16: Wukong

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The quote for the 16th of January is “Every mistake, a lesson.” This quote belongs to Wukong, so play a game with Wukong in order to advance to the seventh step.

Wukong is a top lane fighter with trickery and tools galore. Able to create temporary copies of himself, Wukong specializes in flitting in and out of fights, with the option to open up for big, game-changing ultimates.

The reward for this quest is an Aatrox Champion Shard, the Resolve icon, as well as a Hextech Chest and key. 

January 17: Aatrox

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The Mystery Champion prompt for the seventh step of the event is “I will teach them to fear me.” This voice line belongs to Aatrox, so hop into a game with Aatrox in order to claim it and advance onto the penultimate stage of the mission. 

Aatrox is another top lane fighter. Aatrox is one of League of Legends’ raid boss champions, able to take on entire teams on his own when fed. He’s a straight forwards bruiser, relying on telegraphed abilities with tons of damage and crowd control.

The reward for this mission is the Inspiration icon and a Yorick Champion shard.

January 18:

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“I will become what I must be.” This quote is spoken by Yorick, the Shepherd of Souls, the most niche champion in the game. Take the Yorick shard you got from the previous quest if you can’t find a Yorick in your game, and advance to the final stage. 

Yorick is a split-pushing juggernaut who raises the bodies of dead minions to fight by his side. Yorick trades teamfighting ability, mobility, and utility for sheer, unmitigated split pushing power. Yorick and his zombie hordes are known for cracking open bases at lightning speed.

The reward for this quest is a Katarina champion shard, a Rune Book Icon, and a Hextech chest and key.

January 19 Mystery Champion: Katarina

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The clue for the 19th and the final quote for the LoL Mystery Champion quests is “Why? Because I can.” This line belongs to Katarina, and can be claimed by playing a game with a Katarina in it. 

Katarina is a flashy, mobile assassin who chains her abilities in repeated combos that devastate teams. With a massively damaging AoE ultimate and tons of ability resets, Katarina is another highlight reel waiting to happen.

The rewards for this final step are the 2023 Season Start Ward Skin and the Season 2023 Icon.

That’s to complete all of the League of Legends Mystery champion quests, so get out there and collect all these free rewards.



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