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League of Legends MMR changes in 2024

By William Davis


Apr 10, 2024

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  • Baseline LP gain/loss is increased to  ± 28 for Emerald and below.
  • Baseline LP gain/loss is reduced by up to 8 points for players Emerald and above. In those tiers, this is an average of  ± 20 when rank and MMR match.
  • Matchmaking now searches in a slightly tighter range of visible ranks. That reduces the high-rank differences in lobbies.
  • Demoting requires less amount of games to prevent MMR and visible rank disparities.
  • Riot Games updated matchmaking algorithms and rank placement for new players.
  • The LP you get to after demotion is changed from 75LP to 50LP

The current MMR system in League of Legends

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The current matchmaking rating system in the League of Legends 2024 Season is the same as previous seasons with slight changes.

  • Players get matched similarly to opponents and teammates around their MMR
  • Every loss and win impacts your MMR for that queue type.
  • Demoting doesn’t have an impact on your MMR, but the losses you get meanwhile
  • Decaying from a tier doesn’t change your MMR.
  • Your MMR impacts the LP gains according to your MMR/Rank comparison.

Trueskill 2 For League of Legends

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What is Trueskill 2?

  • Trueskill 2 is a Microsoft Skill Rating System.
  • It’s designed for competitive games to have fair and enjoyable matchmaking.

Difference between MMR in League of Legends and Trueskill 2

  • While MMR in LoL is focused on wins and losses, Trueskill 2 provides a way insightful system that calculates different data.
  • It is safe to assume that once it’s added to League of Legends, Trueskill 2 will check these to have a better matchmaking rating for players:
  1. K/D/A
  2. Amount of Games Player Quits
  3. Playing Solo or With Premade
  4. Wins and Losses
  5. Player’s Past Performance and Experience
  6. Skillshot Accuracy
  7. Objective Participation

What Should Players Expect With Trueskill 2?

  • Fair matchmaking and reasonable LP gains: As the system will recognize every important action you do, even when losing; losing MMR will not be as high as it is right now compared to the current MMR system in League of Legends.
  • Higher Competition: Since after release, Trueskill 2 will include factors such as objectives; players should expect higher competition and attendance to game-deciding moments in all tiers of plays.

When Will Trueskill 2 Added to League of Legends?

  • Riot hasn’t published an official statement on the exact date yet.
  • It is expected to take over the current MMR system in LoL near the end of 2024.

The Problems With The Current MMR System

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  • MMR and visible rank difference causes players to have low LP gains.
  • This disparity causes frustration and difficulty which is nearly impossible to resolve. As an example, if an account is gaining 16-18LP per game on Emerald III, even after a 5-game win streak the LoL account still gains 16-18LP per game and loses 20-28LP.
  • It’s hard for players to keep track of their LoL MMR unless they know how to; which is from MMR lol.
  • Even with the update that supposedly fixed division disparities at the 2024 Season of LoL, it is still easy for players to find themselves in unfair matchmaking with high win rate smurfs and casual players in the same lobbies.

Is There a Way to Fix MMR and LP Gains in LoL

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  • Win games in a row with an outstanding win rate.
  • Don’t AFK in your games as those games still count as losses that decrease MMR.
  • If you are Diamond or above, let your LoL account decay, to have a lesser rank than your MMR, which will increase your LP gains instantly and MMR after a couple of wins.


As the season proceeds, players will face a brand new matchmaking system which will help them to get ranked according to their actual quality of gameplay with Trueskill 2 instead of the current MMR system. Until then, the players are obliged to focus on winning and work with the  MMR system that League of Legends has, which takes Wins and Losses as the only indicator for matchmaking.


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