League of Legends fan makes Teemo-themed boba tea

By Nicholas James


Jan 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Many top lane players have enjoyed getting fed off a Teemo, but a League of Legends fan has given that phrase new meaning with Teemo boba tea.

A YouTube video of a fan-made boba tea themed around Teemo, complete with mushroom-shaped bobas, is making the rounds and has people talking. Turning one of the game’s most notorious champions’ abilities into an adorable edible bead went over swimmingly with fans.

Teemo boba tea is a hit on social media

The YouTube video posted by content creator Easy As Try shows her creating the adorable mushrooms from scratch. The Easy As Try channel is focused on food tied in with cultural trends from games to television shows. They’d already found success with a previous video about boba bubbles shaped like iconic Pokemon Pikachu, as well as videos about boba based on Avatar: The Last Airbender and Subnautica.

The Teemo boba tea has been a smash hit with League of Legends fans online. Easy As Try goes all out to color-coordinate the contents of the cup to resemble League of Legends’ most hated Yordle scout. Strawberry jam for the neck fur, boba bubbles for his boots, ice and milk for the torso, and matcha whipped cream and graham crackers make up his distinct hat and ears. The finishing touch is custom gummy goggles for Teemo’s hat.

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Given the success of this first League of Legends-inspired food artistry, Easy As Try may be repeating their visit to the world of Runeterra. Fans on Reddit suggested everything from a Braum tea with Poro-shaped bubbles to Syndra with boba bubbles of dark energy. Easy As Try is helping to whip up an appetite for League-themed food, as well as for the ability to consume its most annoying top laner.

League of Legends returns for its 12th season later this month, marking 12 whole seasons of dislike for the Yordle scout from Bandle City.


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