LE SSERAFIM Perfect Night remix

LE SSERAFIM drop holiday Perfect Night remix

By Olivia Richman


Nov 23, 2023

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Overwatch 2’s LE SSERAFIM collaboration has resulted in a holiday remix of the song Perfect Night.

K-Pop group LE SSERAFIM recently collaborated with Overwatch 2, bringing a concert-themed capture-the-flag game and pop star-inspired skins to the popular shooter. The collaboration was a hit, leading to even more content for the holidays.

Now, LE SSERAFIM have revealed a holiday remix of Perfect Night on YouTube that has fans salivating.

Overwatch 2 x LE SSERAFIM brings Perfect Night holiday remix

To make Perfect Night have a seasonal vibe, LE SSERAFIM added some bells and other classic sound effects. The video also features an image of the K-pop group members wearing Overwatch-inspired skins. You can see Kiriko’s headband, D.Va’s headphones, and Roadhog’s Pachimari plush.

Said one fan: “What an unexpected remix. The bass line ~ The jazz session ~ This is indeed the Play of the Game.”

Another said it’s the “perfect song” for the holidays.


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