LCS teams with Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon

By Steven Rondina


Jul 21, 2022

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The LCS is set for an interesting partnership with HBO Max to promote upcoming Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon.

More than any other esport, League of Legends has been able to attract non-endemic brands to sponsor its events. The latest example of this is HBO plugging upcoming dark fantasy series House of the Dragon on LoL’s esports North American programming.

Starting with week five of the 2022 LCS Summer Split, the LCS will have “unique elements and branding to coincide with the House of the Dragon full trailer release.” Included in this are extra branded visual elements surrounding the Dragon Soul, which will likely tie into the key dragons revealed in the show.

The partnership will run through late August in the LCS playoffs. The mid lane will be adorned with Targaryen dragon banners in honor of the family at the center of the new show.

What is House of the Dragon from the LCS?

House of the Dragon is a new show set in the world of Game of Thrones, a TV series based on the A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. R. Martin. 

Game of Thrones follows a number of key figures in a devastating civil war within the land of Westeros. The series opens roughly 15 years after the end of a different civil war that ended with an alliance overthrowing the long-reigning Targaryen dynasty. The Targaryen family enjoyed a lasting reign on the throne of Westeros in large part thanks to their ability to command dragons, but this power was squandered over time.

New LCS partner House of the Dragon is set 200 years before any of these events and follows a war of succession within the Targaryen family, referred to as the Dance of the Dragons. The series follows various members of the Targaryen family as they vie for a place on the throne. It will also include other significant figures within the lore of A Song of Ice and Fire as well as ancestors of major characters.

House of the Dragon will start airing on August 21, 2022. For exact timing, check out the HBO schedule.


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