LCO team PEACE owes its players thousands of dollars

By Nicholas James


Feb 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

According to a statement made by Ryan “Aladoric” Gregory Richardson, LCO team PEACE still owes its previous players thousands of dollars.

PEACE is an Australian esports organization that recently became involved in the LCO, or League of Legends Circuit Oceania. Recently, James “Tally” Shute claimed that PEACE owed him thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. Now, Aladoric has posted a TwitLonger with similar allegations.

LCO team PEACE owes thousands, allege players

Both Tallywhacka and Aladoric played for PEACE in 2021 before eventually transferring to other teams. While player transfers are a regular occurrence, it appears that there may have been more behind the departure than discussed.

After playing against the new PEACE roster, Tallywhacka took to Twitter to roast the organization for its behavior in and out of the game.

In the tweet, Tallywhacka said that PEACE hasn’t paid its League of Legends roster from the previous year. Shortly afterward, Aladoric doubled down on Tallywhacka’s statements with a TwitLonger. In the post, he says that the ex-PEACE players have been waiting on invoices that were sent as early as October 2021.

According to Aladoric, the PEACE players weren’t paid the rest of their salary from 2021 until January 20, 2021.

Australian League of Legends has had an unfortunately eventful past when it comes to organizations misbehaving and these allegations against PEACE add to the list. The region of Oceania has already become more volatile for players following the cancellation of the OPL and month-long tardiness on payment would only add to that.

PEACE has yet to make any public statements since Tallywhacka’s and Aladoric’s allegations were made. The silence from the organization is the most deafening response, choosing to stop posting rather than immediately comment. Hopefully, the issue resolves itself though both pros regretted that it had come this far.


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