Latest edition of True Sight relives the epic TI8 final

By Neslyn Apduhan


Jan 17, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Valve has delivered the latest edition of its lauded True Sight documentary series.

Previous editions of True Sight have received high praise for their great cinematography and storytelling, highlighting key moments at some of the world’s biggest Dota 2 tournaments. The newest installment of the series was revealed January 15 via live premier in Copenhagen, Denmark and streaming on both SteamTV and Twitch.

Watching True Sight brings fans back to the hype of The International 2018. The intense best-of-five grand finals series was etched in Dota 2 history.

True Sight successfully shows the personality of the players from finalist teams OG and PSG.LGD. Both sides truly deserved to lift the Aegis of Immortals, but only one could emerge victorious.

PSG.LGD is the powerhouse most fans predicted to keep alive the tradition of alternating champions from eastern and western regions. OG was considered the dark horse of the tournament, making a dream run.

Sébastien “Ceb” Debs was a key player to the success of OG. He boosted the team’s morale and kept them confident throughout the grand finals. As OG’s former coach, he brings the positivity needed by his players in-game. The fourth game of the series was often in doubt and could have been the ending for OG, but Ceb’s exceptional Axe play kept OG afloat.

During the fifth and final game, OG’s communication and teamplay contributed greatly to their win and are on full display in the documentary. OG’s players made quick decisions whenever they saw opportunities they could use to their advantage. They supported each other with brought levity when it was needed to relieve the immense pressure of the game’s biggest stage.

The documentary ended with the iconic interview of Johan “N0tail” Sundstein during the Manila Major 2016.

“If I woke up one morning and I had to play in the TI finals, I would play the best Dota of my life,” N0tail said.

That’s exactly what he did.