Latest CSGO patch updates Studio, fixes Shattered Web bugs

By Nick Johnson


Jan 14, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Big changes came to Studio in yesterday’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update and the developers decided to take a shot at some bugs that have been around since the start of Operation Shattered Web.  

Yesterday’s CSGO update brought major changes to Defusal Group Sigma map Studio. Valve has updated the game to the current workshop version, leading to a vastly different take on middle than players are used to.

Both spawns, especially CT, are now more directly connected to middle than they were before. This change makes middle easier to both attack and defend with utility than it previously was. CTs no longer have to funnel through a small doorway, and the pillars and A ramp have been removed or redesigned.

Middle often boiled down to a stalemate in the previous version that offered the CTs an advantage. Now, the additional utility options gives an edge to the T side.

The Terrorist side still has the cover of the windows and blinds, making holding A0short an important part of defending the A site. Upper B has also been adjusted, creating tighter angles and giving the T side an easier task when attacking. Overall, middle feels more contestable for both sides, while the popular side paths have been shortened to make them more difficult to take.

Valve also fixed several bugs with this u[date, including a fix for Bonus Rank XP not displaying properly on the UI. The developers also fixed a problem where guardian lines were playing before they were supposed too, helping to improve player immersion.

CSGO’s coupon change opens a CSGO in-game store

The big story with this update is still the change to how coupons work. Previously, players had the choice of four coupons that would replenish when one was used, making it pure luck as to whether a desirable item would appear for purchase.

Now, the coupon database is searchable. Any item that was available to appear as a coupon is now sold by Valve regardless of whether it has a “discount” or not. While it doesn’t seem like a huge deal at the moment, this has the look of Valve testing the waters for a proper in-game store.

If Valve sees players using the feature, players should expect to see a transition away from the Steam Market and towards Valve’s own store for items and cosmetics.

Finally, week nine of the Shattered Web Operation starts today and odds are that players will get some new guardian missions to try out. Stay dialed in to for coverage of the operation and the new CSGO “store,” and be sure to check out the WINNERS League Season 3 playoffs over on WINNERS League Twitch channel.


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